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Country studies Kenya, Uganda, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal

Location: Kenya and Uganda. Desk review: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal

Client: Danish Family Family Planning Association (DFPA)

Main project features: Countries studies in Kenya and Uganda to provide input for the development of an integrated approach and the elaboration of strategic plans 2014 – 2017; present the wider context for SRHR, providing the framework for civil society work, focusing specifically on interlinkages with  sustainable development (Kenya) and comprehensive sexuality education( (Uganda); and future outlook (South Asian countries).

Activities: Field visits (Kenya and Uganda), desk review, analysis and reporting

Support to the MenCare+ Programme

Location: NL (focus countries: Brazil, Rwanda, South-Africa, Indonesia) 

Client: Rutgers WPF
Main project features: Support to programme development and the inception workshop of the multi-county Men-Care Programme, interim programme management

Activities: Proposal development and interim programme management 

The support of the SRHR fund of the NL MFA (8.6 million euro) enables Rutgers WPF and Promundo to work on male involvement in sexual and reproductive health. The programme started in 2013, and runs until the end of 2015.

Qualitative study into the Adolescent Girls Initiative in South Sudan

Location: South Sudan

Client: The World Bank

Main project features: Evaluation of the pilot project regarding social and  financial empowerment of adolescent girls/young women, within the context of the World Bank's Adolescent Girls Initiative (AGI)

Positions held: Team leader

Activities: Desk review, development of research protocol, data collection (FGDs and key informant interviews), analysis and reporting

Evalution of Finnish MFA support to the Nicaraguan Health Sector

Location: Nicaragua
Client: The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Main project features: Evaluation of three health sector programmes (FONSALUD, FED, VOZJOVEN)
Position held: Consultant (international team member) contracted by FCG International, a Finnish consultancy group.
Activities: Conduct of end of programmes evaluation (my focus was on the Gender Equity and SRHR Fund - FED)

Master Programme in Global health, University of Maastricht

Name of assignment or project: Masters Programme in Global Health
Client: Maastricht University, Department of Health Ethics and Society at the Faculty of Health Medicine and Life Sciences
Main project features: Teaching/tutoring within context of the Masters Programme in Global Health
Positions held: Consultant
Activities: Tutoring

Support to the AMREF Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Programme

Name of assignment or project: Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health
Location: Ethiopia, Netherlands
Client: AMREF Netherlands
Main project features: Development of ASRH programme
Positions held: Consultant
Activities: Support to proposal development; support to the programme department (consultancy basis, short-term assignments)

Synthesis of multilateral support to SRHR

Name of assignment or project: Synthesis of multilateral support to SRHR
Location: The Netherlands
Client: The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs/IOB (evaluations department)
Main project features: Review of support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to UNICEF, UNFPA, GFATM, UNAIDS and WHO in the area of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Activities: Collecting and analysing external evaluations of the 5 organizations, report writing, preparation of publication

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Evaluation of the Save Women's Lives Project

Name of assignment or project: Evaluation of Save Women’s Lives Project
Location: Netherlands
Client: Rutgers WPF
Main project features: Conduct evaluation of the multi-year, multi-country (Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Malta) project, an European campaign to increase public awareness on the importance of improving Maternal health and to urge politicians to meet MDG5
Activities: Preparation of questionnaires, conduct of survey, data collection, analysis and final report

Impact Study in sexual and reproductive health and rights (Nicaragua)

In 2010 and 2011, the Policy and Operations Evaluation of The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (IOB) carries out a series of impact evaluations in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). The studies are aimed at identifying the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of the Dutch contribution in Nicaragua, Mali, Bangladesh, Ghana and Tanzania. The focus is on the outcome (i.e. access to and utilization of services, including family planning; quality of services) of health and SRHR programmes supported by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, between 2004 and 2009.

My involvement concerns the impact study in Nicaragua:
- the inception phase in 2010 and
- the conduct of the impact study in 2011.
Subject of the evaluation of a prevention of cervical cancer programme implemented by the Nicaraguan NGO Ixchen and the Ministry of Health, and supported by the Dutch Embassy in Nicaragua.

The following organisations formed a consortium for the conduct of the studies in Mali and Nicaragua: Ecorys, ETC-Crystal, KIT, CDR.

Evaluation of the Universal Access to the Female Condom Programme (UAFC)

The Universal Access to Female Condom (UAFC) Joint Programme is an initiative of four Dutch organisations: the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oxfam Novib, i+solutions and Rutgers WPF. The aim of the programme (2008-2011) is to make female condoms accessible, affordable and available for all. Its goals are to contribute to a decrease in new infections with HIV and STIs and of unwanted pregnancies, as well as to enable women to exercise power over their own sexual and reproductive health. Esther Jurgens forms part of the Evaluation team (contracted through ACE Europe) conducting the UAFC End of Term Evaluation. 

The final report will be presented on the International Conference on Female Condoms in The Hague (The Netherlands) 17 + 18 November 2011.

Evaluation of the HIV/AIDS Programme implemented by Hivos in the period 2000-2009

In January 2011 the final report of an evaluation of the HIV/AIDS programme implemented by Hivos in the period 2000-2009 was presented to Hivos. Aim of the evaluation was to provide evidence for the effectiveness and sustainability of the Hivos HIV/AIDS programme in South America and India (accountability focus) and to serve as input for the Hivos' 2010 HIV/AIDS policy, i.e. to inspire future development and implementation (learning focus).

The evaluation was conducted by a team of 5 international and national consultants in the period March - October 2010, including Esther Jurgens; ACE Europe was the main contractor and responsible for the coordination of the evaluation.

Improving Midwifery Care in Georgia

In June 2011 the three year project to enhance midwifery knowlegde and skills in Georgia was concluded with an end of project conference. The project 'Enhancing Quality of Care: Upgrading the Knowlegde and Skills of Midwives in Georgia' was funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Matra Programme) and implemented by the Georgian Youth and Women's health organisation HERA XXI, and the Tiblisi State Medical University. Project partners in NL: International Confederation of Midwives; the Verloskundige Academie Rotterdam; ETC Foundation.

Esther Jurgens provided technical assistance and project coordination, contracted by ETC Crystal.

The Project succesfully supported the establishment of a Midwifery Association and the institutionalisation of a Midwifery Curriculum at the Tiblisi State Medical University under the TSMU Professional Educational Programme.

In 2010/11 an operational study in the area of perinatal health was conducted by MAG and GOGA with technical support from ETC Crystal (Leon Bijlmakers and Esther Jurgens). The report Clients' and Providers' Perspectives on Ceasarean Sections: an operational study into the high Ceasarean Section Rate in Georgia, is available in English and Georgian.

Synthesis of Impact Evaluations in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

This synthesis provides an overview of recent impact studies in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). It aims to supply knowledge about which interventions have proved effective and as such have contributed to furthering the sexual and reproductive health and rights agenda in developing countries, supported by evidence. The evaluation (and annex) is based on a review of relevant impact studies in this field.

For: Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Development Cooperation/Policy and Evaluation Department (2009)

Share-Net Stocktaking Assessment

Share-Net is a network of Dutch development organisations and individuals working in the field of sexual & reproductive health and rights (SRHR), and HIV/AIDS. In 2010 a stocktaking assessment was conducted to review objectives and focus, and to determine whether the Network adequately responds to the needs of its members, and is expected to do so in the future given a changed SRHR and HIV/AIDS environment. Findings of the review were to inspire the formulation of the ambitions and a new strategic plan, to be completed by the end of 2010. 

The final report is a reflection of the position of the members of the Network and key informants – members of Steering Group, the Share-Net coordinator and representatives of the Health and AIDS Division at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Information was gathered over a three months period (July-September 2010), during which 38 interviews were held.

Parttime policy advisor NVTG

Esther Jurgens is parttime employed as a policy advisor for the Netherlands Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health (NVTG)., and part of the editorial board of MT, the Bulletin of the NVTG.

Assignments include: drafting of policy documents and implementation of work plans; development of funding proposals; organisation of seminars/conferences, workshops; writing of conference proceedings and articles.

On the 14 of September the NVTG organises the symposium 'An Ideal Match?! Connecting NGOs and Academia in Research for Global Health' in De Rode Hoed te Amsterdam. 

The NVTG is a member of the Federation of European Societies for Tropical Medicine and International Health (FESTMIH). This year the 7th European Congress on Tropical Medine and International Health will be held in Barcelona in October: Global Change, Migration and Health.

Projects include (in Dutch): Malariamuggen en Kangoeroebabies.


Involving communities in the fight against malaria

Malaria is a major problem in Africa: it kills an African child every 30 seconds. Many children who survive an episode of severe malaria may suffer from learning impairments or brain damage. Pregnant women and their unborn children are also particularly vulnerable to malaria, which is a major
cause of perinatal mortality, low birth weight and maternal anaemia. Malaria is one of the major health threats in Ethiopia, particularly in the Afar region in the north-east of the country.

This briefing paper presents AMREF in Ethiopia programmatic response in controlling and preventing malaria in Afar. See also:

Hard copies of the briefing paper available through AMREF: 

Assignments (2007-2011)

Several assignments, including: Preparation of position paper on capacity building; Preparation of project proposal for EU; Contribution to the Annual Report; Preparation of a funding proposal for PSO.

For: Wemos
Preparation of a series of briefing papers on human resources for health. The paper Health workers on the Move presents several actions to address the HRH crisis, which are divided into actions THERE, namely in developing countries with shortages of health workers, and actions HERE, in Western countries to address the global shortage of health workers.

The paper Human Resources for Health proposes opportunities to increase access to health through consorted strategies to be adopted by the Dutch Government, members of parliament and civil society to combat the world-wide shortages of health workers.

For: Maastricht University
Lecturer health policy within the Master Public Health Programme.

For: Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Development Cooperation (Policy and Evaluation Department)
Preparation of publication on impact evaluations in sexual and reproductive health and rights, based on a literature study on impact evaluations in sexual and reproductive health and rights (srhr); formulation of options for impact studies in the area of srhr.

For: Zorgcentrum Napoleon
Technical advice in the context  of a business plan for a psychogeriatric care institution.

Assignments (2005-2007)

During the period 2005 - 2007 Esther Jurgens provided consultancy services as consultant with ETC-Crystal. A selection of assignments: 

For: IOB / Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Evaluation of (inter)national NGOs working in area of sexual and reproductive health and rights, funded through Thematic Co-financing Programme, period 2004-2006.

For: CARE Tajikistan
Sexual and Reproductive Health Advisor to the CARE project ‘Improving sexual and reproductive health situation of youth in Tajikistan’.

For: Wemos
Part of team preparing the design of impact study in the area of global initiatives on human resources for health.

For: Oxfam Novib
Assessment of the use of power analysis for hiv/aids programming and development of tool to incorporate a power approach to planning and programming for hiv/aids.

For: Stichting Vluchteling
Participation in institutional strengthening process.

For: Federal Ministry of Health Ethiopia, Central Joint Steering Committee
Participation in the evaluation of the second phase of the Health Sector Development Programme (2002/2005), specific focus on management and finance.

For: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Part of research team conducting a literature study on health care financing & co-author of position paper (summary report): ‘The Role of User Fees and Health Insurance in Health Care Financing’.

For: Share-Net  
Report of expert meeting and panel discussion on reaching MDG related to SRHR and HIV/AIDS (2005): '5 years down - 10 to go. Report what is required for the Millennium Development Goals to combat HIV/AIDS, and to generate Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights' (report).